Our FACTORING Services

Fast factoring lets you improve your cash flow and stay on track of your investment capital needs. Our flexible approach and swift funding process will let you meet your short and long-term goals.

Delivering value based on trade

Our core purpose is to be involved in real economic activity and in turn our business is built on trade. At ADIFinance, we trade in all economic goods, and under our factoring services, we trade spare parts and raw materials, bringing a full suite of solutions to your working investment needs.

Removing barriers by doing the collection for you

ADIFinance offers direct (goods Murabaha) factoring services, allowing them to shorten their collection cycle.

We play an intermediary role, purchasing the end product from our clients and selling it to their customers, ensuring our client receives payment for goods immediately.

Improving your relationship with your suppliers through supply chain financing

Reverse factoring enables ADIFinance's clients to gain access to the supplies they need at a discount from the supplier, without committing to immediate payment, keeping the supply chain moving.

Client Benefits

Our factoring services help customers continue to run their businesses smoothly without worrying about working investment needs and cash cycle crunches.

We ensure suppliers receive payment in a timely manner every time as this lower-cost form of financing accelerates their accounts receivable receipts, improving our clients’ relationships with their suppliers.

Our customers are able to fund their purchases easily and swiftly with minimal bureaucratic hassle and easy procedures.


Depending on the customer’s business cycle.

Ticket size

Determined based on FRA regulations.


- Commercial papers
- Purchase Orders
- Invoices

Payment terms

Determined based on customer cash flow capacity and needs.

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