Our LEASING Services

Our fast turnaround time, along with simplified procedures, position ADIFinance as a company of choice for SMEs and corporates.

Serving all your asset financing needs

ADIFinance offers direct leasing and sale-and-leaseback services that cover an array of asset types including buildings, machinery and equipment, as well as passenger and commercial vehicles, among others.

Expand your business with minimal cash upfront

With direct leasing, ADIFinance purchases an asset and leases it against rental payments that will eventually lead to ownership at the end of the lease tenor.

Unlock your assets’ value to finance any investment needs

Sale-and-leaseback allows clients to sell an asset to ADIFinance then lease it to unlock its value. The client repossesses the asset after the sale-and-leaseback tenor period is over.

Client Benefits

Our flexible leasing services offer clients the convenience of obtaining the assets or financing they need without excessive paperwork and lengthy approval processes.

We provide our clients with sound financial advice, guiding them to the best possible path for their financing needs.

Leasing allows companies to improve their balance sheet position and cash flow, leaving credit lines open for other investment needs.


12 - 84 months

Ticket size

Starting from EGP 500,000, capped at 50% of the company’s equity value.


Client’s corporate documents and financial statements

Payment terms

Monthly/quarterly installments.

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